The Impact of Disk Fragmentation on Virtual Servers

Virtualization has had incredible benefits for many companies, but for many others, performance has often not lived up to the hype. The problem may not be virtualization itself or even the HOST machine’s hardware. It might just be fragmented drives. I can tell you from experience that as your virtual machine’s drives become fragmented performance degrades quickly. The problem is worse for virtual machines that run SQL Server and it will eventually lead to query timeouts. Fixing should be simple, right? Not so fast. You need to defrag two and possibly three places. First, defrag the GUEST machine using the built in OS defrag option; next, defrag using the virtualization software’s defrag option (not all have this option); and finally you must, must, must defrag the HOST server’s drives. expired domains similar sites I have had several clients who were experiencing frequent application timeouts and they miraculously went away after doing this. We do this every couple weeks, but every environment is different.

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