The Employee Management Team Picks ClientSpace

The Employment Management Team, a PEO based on Sarasota, FL, has chosen ClientSpace as its enterprise CRM platform. The system will go live in April and will be used to manage the firm’s sales, service operations

“I have known the staff at NetWise for a while now and have confidence in their abilities and knowledge of our industry,” says Rick Ratner, founder and CEO of EMT. “The ClientSpace platform is built with our industry needs in the forefront so it is a natural fit without the need for significant modification or customization. The team at NetWise has been very professional and dedicated to the success of my project.”

“It is great to have a long time industry veteran like Rick Ratner choose ClientSpace,” claims Randy Wadle, CEO of NetWise. “Considering Rick’s knowledge and experience in the industry, it is flattering that he has chosen ClientSpace and I expect we will learn a lot from him. Winning this deal is a great start to 2012.”

NetWise is the inventor of ClientSpace and has a proven track record of custom fit enterprise workflow solutions suitable for industry powerhouses as well as niche market or geographic PEOs.


NetWise Technology, Inc. is a premier provider of Enterprise Workflow systems located in Bradenton, Florida. ClientSpace is a proprietary Enterprise Workflow Automation architecture used by clients in a variety of industries as the kernel of their enterprise workflow solution. NetWise primarily services clients in the employee leasing/PEO, banking, real estate, and professional services markets. For more information, please contact us at (866) 474-0922

About The Employee Management Team

EMT is a self-managed, outsourced HR department that helps small and medium sized business owners manage their human resource, insurance, tax and compliance programs.

Because of what we do, small business owners can focus on running and growing their businesses – free from having to spend the time and effort required to navigate through the paperwork and regulations that follow once the first employee is hired.

Our focus is on the business owner. We make use of the most cutting-edge technology (such as ClientSpace), but remain flexible enough to provide our clients with exactly the correct program for their particular situation.


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