Enterprise CRM and workflow management system for PEO

ClientSpace for PEO is an integrated CRM and workflow management system that has been developed specifically for the PEO / Employee Leasing industry. ClientSpace for PEO goes far beyond customary sales contact management and client service functionality included with competing software packages.

ClientSpace Core Architecture

The dynamic and powerful foundation for the ClientSpace for PEO system enables our team of professionals, experienced in the PEO industry, to work with your staff to deliver software solutions that fit your unique enterprise needs.

  • Payroll system integration
  • Configurable workflow
  • Document management with barcode integration
  • Custom data form configuration and rules engine
  • Microsoft Outlook integration

Sales, Underwriting, Onboarding

An efficient, controlled sales process is critical to success in any business but especially in the PEO industry. Complex pricing and underwriting requirements, inherent risk of the client relationship, and sophisticated process for bringing a new client onboard make ClientSpace for PEO an essential ingredient to managing growth.

  • Sales activities and follow-ups.
  • Pipeline reporting and forecasting
  • Sophisticated PEO pricing
  • Underwriting workflow
  • Generation of proposal, CSA, and exhibits
  • Implementation project management
  • Automated barcoded employee paperwork

Client Service Management

Track every aspect of your client relationships with ClientSpace for PEO. With these modules you can clearly quantify the value provided to each client and quickly identify the areas requiring attention.

  • Client Team Assignments
  • Client Service Cases
  • Client Visits
  • Client Rescue Efforts
  • Client Snapshot
  • Management Reporting

Risk Management

How well a PEO manages risk and safety is often the key criteria for growing a profitable business. ClientSpace for PEO understands the importance of this operation within a PEO and integrates several key modules at the center of the system.

  • Workers’ compensation pricing and underwriting
  • Policy management and renewals
  • Workers’ compensation claim management
  • OSHA reporting
  • Generation and management of certificates of insurance
  • EPLI claim management

Benefits Administration

ClientSpace for PEO offers a complete suite of Benefits Administration modules. These can help ease the pain of managing the complex world of Benefits Offerings.

  • Benefits Underwriting
  • Benefits Plan Comparisons
  • Master & Client Level Plans
  • Risk Tiers & Age Banding
  • Employer Contributions
  • Employee Enrollments
  • Plan Renewal Management
  • Benefits

Human Resource Administration

Use ClientSpace for PEO to manage your employees and the many facets that come with the co-employment relationship. With these modules you greatly increase the quality of service provided to your worksite employees while also increasing documentation.

  • Employee Demographics
  • Employment History
  • Pay History
  • I-9 Management
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Leave of Absence / FMLA