What is NEXT?

A complete redesign, re-architecture and rewrite the user interface layer of ClientSpace.

Improved Searches

The introduction of  Quick Search along with revamped search dashboards means you get to the data you need faster.

Work Tray Multi-Tasking

The new Work Tray allows you to open many different threads at once, meaning you can multitask and increase efficiency.

New User Interface

The fresh new look is cleaner and more efficient, making user adoption and training much easier.

Cross-Browser Compatible

This means that you can use the browser of your choice, be it Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari on a PC or on a Mac.

Fully Responsive UI Design

Use on tablets or smartphones with ease just as if you were on a desktop. All natively within your device browser, no extra apps to install.

Unsaved Data Warnings

Fields change color if the field value changes and is unsaved. There are also pop up warning if there is unsaved data on form close.

Faster Data Merges

All merges now run server side which means they are faster and more reliable. No more Active X Controls or Policy Editors needed.