ClientSpace | Enterprise CRM

Companies looking for Enterprise CRM need ClientSpace™.    ClientSpace™ is a powerful Enterprise CRM platform with powerful Workflow Automation developed and marketed by NetWise Technology. Integrated modules and services provide a stable platform that can be used to quickly and cost effectively construct software solutions that closely fit the unique business requirements of our clients. ClientSpacePEO™ is a targeted version of ClientSpace™ that has been pre-configured to meet the specific requirements for Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs).

Sales force automation: web-enabled sales prospect and account management.

Configurable data management (data forms): fully configurable relational data management available in virtual, web-enabled transaction folders.

Secured business transaction workspaces: web-enabled virtual folders holding configurable data forms, core workflow modules (task management, calendar, message boards), documents, and reports available via secure user accounts.

Powerful Ad-Hoc reporting engine: configurable reports integrating ClientSpace™ and related system data.

Configurable executive dashboards: interactive dashboards focused on specific functional or departmental requirements.

Workflow enabled client service cases: workflow enabled client issue (case) management with automated issue escalation based on priority.

Indexed document management and retrieval: comprehensive document management with integrated file content indexing and retrieval. 

ClientSpace Core Architecture

The dynamic and powerful foundation for the ClientSpace system enables our team of professionals to deliver software solutions that fit your unique enterprise needs.

  • Responsive Design
  • Any Device. Any Browser.
  • Configurable Forms & Workflow Engine
  • Document management with barcode integration
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Notification Management
  • Widget Driven Landing Pages
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Word, PDF & Excel Merges
  • Advanced Ad Hoc Reports and Dashboards
  • External system integration


Core ClientSpace™ modules and services are integrated with custom business logic, interfaces, and reports, developed in Microsoft.NET and Active Reports, to form custom software solutions that are tailored to the needs of the client. ClientSpace™ solutions automate the data management, workflow, and reporting requirements for organizations in industries as disparate as employee leasing (client and deal management), medical examiner (death case investigation), healthcare claim management (electronic report distribution), jewelry repair (job & inventory management), and more.

Scalability and Stability

ClientSpace™ has been developed using the Microsoft.NET development platform and utilizes a scalable Microsoft SQL Server database. The database schema is not proprietary providing seamless integration with third party applications and reporting & analysis tools.