Looking for an Enterprise Workflow system for a PEO / HR Outsourcing Company?

NetWise Technology has achieved phenomenal results for our clients by providing software solutions that work like they do. Our clients expect and deserve a significant return on their strategic technology investment. NetWise delivers that return in the following ways:

Productivity: better leverage existing personnel and technical resources.

Scalability: manage quality and profitability as your business grows.

Customer Service: improve efficiency and satisfaction by integrating your customers and partners into your everyday processes.

Decision Making: information to drive critical decision making is at your fingertips.

ClientSpace, our powerful Enterprise Workflow Automation platform, provides the ideal environment for building software solutions that are perfectly suited to the needs of your workforce. If it’s a CRM, Sales Automation System, Workflow/Process Management System, or a Data Management system, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to make software that fits your business, not vice-versa, to deliver MEASURABLE RETURNS on your technology investment.

Layered System

Clientspace is built in layers to help us better deliver solutions that best fit our clients needs. There are currently three layers that are commonly implemented with each client’s install.


This is the most basic of the layers. Out of the box it comes with basic CRM functionality, as well as the Lead Management and Client Service modules. This layers is still extremely powerful however as it is the foundation of all ClientSpace functionality. Including our powerful Dataform Engine, Workflow Engine, Data Integration tools, and Ad-Hoc Reports & Dashboards. Using the tools available here we are able to build elaborate systems to help manage your business.

Industry Specific

This layer is more robust that the core layer as it includes pre-built functionality targeted at a specific industries’ in depth needs. This layer includes of the the great features from the core layer, enhanced by years of knowledge and proven solutions for your industry. The benefit of this layer is that when we enhance this layer, whether by paid client enhancement or by NetWise enhancement, everyone benefits.

Client Custom

This layer is part of every client install be it just a core or industry specific installation. This layer allows us to deliver enhancements that are specific to your company. These typically include custom reports, interfaces, or 3rd party integration.