Single-Tenant Vs. Multi-Tenant Enterprise CRM

In a recent article in CRMBuyer, Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle was interviewed and waged a frontal attack on the architecture.

“Multitenancy is a horrible idea,” Ellison said. “What it means is, everyone’s data is commingled, everyone’s customer list is in a single database. expired domains . That’s a horrible security model. In the 21st century, the way we support multiple customers is called ‘virtualization.'”

ClientSpace competes with both and Oracle’s Fusion Apps. But we agree with Mr. Ellison that a single tenant database architecture is superior from both a security and flexibility perspective.

Our clients enjoy the freedom of hosting the application in our data center or within their own network. Many start out in our data center and then move the application as they grow.

Additionally, it is far easier to custom fit ClientSpace to specific needs of the business from a functionality, reporting, and system interface perspective.

All PEO clients get an industry specific Enterprise CRM application right out of the box. But most of our clients customize ClientSpace to fit their needs. We illustrate how we do this using a peanut M&M. The strength ond versatility of our architecture allowed us to apply our deep industry knowledge to ClientSpacePEO and deliver a truly unique product.


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