PEO Client and Employee Onboarding

NetWise has recently improved the handling of client and employee paperwork that is central to the PEO onboarding process.  The initial feedback we are receiving is very strong and indicating significant improvement in the efficiency and accuracy of these core processes.

Using the Microsoft Word and Excel merge that is embedded within ClientSpace, we have demonstrated the ability to quickly configure barcoded paperwork that can be produced with a single button click in ClientSpace.  Sales and onboarding personnel are able to produce paperwork such as CSA, credit and ACH authorizations, and employee packets (including W4 and I-9) much quicker than before.  The process is controlled by ClientSpace so that this paperwork is available only to users that have the proper rights and at the point in the process that the paperwork is ready.

The documents are produced with a barcode that embeds the type of document as well as the precise location for the signed paperwork into the source file.  When the completed onboarding packet is scanned in, the scanner will break on the existence of the barcode(may require scanner configuration).  An included ClientSpace process will monitor the contents of a network directory and transmit the files, and related location information, to a web service.  This service receives the image and attaches it to the proper record (client or employee).  Administrative users can even map the barcode to a specific field on a data form which makes this a very powerful feature for improving efficiency of onboarding staff.

In addition to the obvious benefits of reducing cost, improving quality, and insuring compliance, these types of controlled and automated procedures give a great first impression to your new clients.

The barcode capabilities and image reading service are already part of ClientSpace.  All that needs to be done to activate in any PEO’s installation is an upgrade to the latest version and conversion of their paperwork files to this new process.

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