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NetWise was blessed with a banner year in 2011 bringing on eight new clients and deepening relationships with existing clients. Our footprint in the PEO industry is gaining significance as ClientSpacePEO becomes the standard Enterprise CRM/Workflow Management application for PEOs looking to automate their business.

New Clients:


InsuredSolutions is a PEO and broker based in Atlanta. Their primary motivation for rolling out ClientSpace was to automate the generation of professional quotes to quickly be able to bring on new business. The client service module is also in use and proving to be a valuable component of their investment.

Integrity Outsource is a PEO based in the Phoenix area that recently went live with ClientSpace. They have plans for rapid growth and are counting on ClientSpace to provide the scalability they will need in the areas of sales and service.


Nextaff is a PEO and Staffing firm based in Kansas. Enterprise CRM and workflow management is the key driver for Nextaff as they are looking to make their business more efficient and scalable as they grow in the coming years.

PlanSource was previously a division of CoAdvantage prior to the merger with GES. After the merger transaction, PlanSource made the decision to use ClientSpace to handle the workflow and service needs for their two divisions, one that operates as an HRO service offering for a broad base of clients and the other provides a sophisticated benefits plan design and enrollment online solution.

ProService Hawaii is the largest PEO in Hawaii and very focused on leveraging technology. Their primary purpose for choosing ClientSpace was to streamline the sales activity, marketing, quote generation, and underwriting functions of their business.

Service Provider Group is a fast growing PEO based in Knoxville, TN. SPG recently acquired First Financial out of Punta Gorda with the combined entity proving to be a powerhouse in the Southeast and across the country. SPG has rapidly deployed the ClientSpace application across their organization is already using most of the modules that are available.

Sheakley is a PEO and payroll services firm based in Ohio. The payroll services division rolled out ClientSpace in December, 2011. They use the system for sales activity management and quote generation. The PEO/HRO division will be live in February, 2012 and will use all PEO centric modules of the application including quote generation, underwriting, onboarding, client service, and risk management.

TrendHR is a growing PEO based in Texas. Trend implemented ClientSpace primarily for the Client Service and Risk Management features. Additional modules will be explored in the future.

We have recently signed two new clients in January but have not yet gone live with either. Look for the press releases on these clients in the next newsletter.


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