NetWise gets the cover story!

We are honored to announce that Randy Wadle has written the cover store for the April 2015 issue of PEO Insider. This was a great collaboration between Randy and a few of our wonderful clients, Jenny Coke of Nextep and Don Abernathy of Extensis Group. Here is a little snippet of the article:

Finding Your Groove

Maintaining Profitability as Your PEO Grows

PEOs operate on thin margins. There is no mystery about that. Mix in the fact that PEOs need to grow to sustain themselves more so than most other businesses, and it’s obvious why maintaining those margins as other operational resources are adjusted to facilitate growth is so important. There are so many different levels, and so many elements to balance, for example: customer service capacity, growth plateaus, flexible technology, profit and loss, cost controls, overhead, staffing levels, service model adjustments, and cash flow, just to name a few. Adjusting something in one area affects the levels in other areas. It requires many micro and macro adjustments, constantly.

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