Focus1 HR Goes Live with ClientSpace

Focus1 HR Group, an Austin, TX based PEO, has completed the roll out of ClientSpace in anticipation of strong growth in 2010. This rollout, the second using the new configurable business rules engine, has gone very smoothly and with far less customization required than previous installations. The rules engine, standard import tools, and the comprehensive PEO feature set are providing big improvements in the time and cost to roll out ClientSpace.


“ClientSpace is a strong platform and easy to use. We are getting more proficient and efficient everyday.,” says Scott Coleman, co-founder and CEO of Focus1. “We are expecting explosive growth in 2010 and ClientSpace will be the platform that will support that type of growth. The experience and service attitude that the NetWise team brings to the table has made this roll out a very positive experience.”


“The investments we made this year to build the business rules engine and improve the import capabilities are really paying off,” claim Randy Wadle, CEO of NetWise Technology. “ClientSpace implementations are getting easier and the cost of roll out has gone down significantly with less customization required. A year ago, the concept of the configurable rules engine seemed like rocket science. Our development team has really delivered and made us more scalable and poised for growth. Bring on that recovery in 2010…we are ready!”


NetWise is the inventor of ClientSpace and has a proven track record of custom fit enterprise workflow solutions suitable for industry powerhouses as well as niche market or geographic PEOs.



NetWise Technology, Inc. is a premier provider of Enterprise Workflow systems located in Bradenton, Florida. ClientSpace is a proprietary Enterprise Workflow Automation architecture used by clients in a variety of industries as the kernel of their enterprise workflow solution. NetWise primarily services clients in the employee leasing/PEO, banking, real estate, and professional services markets. For more information, please contact us at (866) 474-0922 or


About Focus1 HR Group
Focus1 HR Group is a full service human resource outsourcing and consulting firm founded in January 2005. The company provides full scale human resource services through its Professional Employer Organization (PEO) division, which offers payroll, benefits administration, workers’ compensation coverage, safety & risk management services, and human resource management services throughout Texas. company’s local branch offices in Austin, Corpus Christi, and McAllen, Texas, further serve clients by providing traditional staffing services such as temporary, on-demand, probationary hire, and contingent workforce solutions. Focus1 also delivers several administrative service programs including payroll processing and a-la-carte human resource services to clients on a national basis.

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