CoAdvantage Rolls Out ClientSpacePEO Nationwide

CoAdvantage, a fast growing PEO with regional offices in Orlando, Tampa, Dallas, and Houston, has rolled out the ClientSpacePEO system to sales and underwriting personnel nationwide. CoAdvantage has been using a custom version of ClientSpace to manage service for their Orlando operations for several years. Following its mergers with Global Employment Solutions and Odyssey OneSource, CoAdvantage has made the decision to consolidate ancillary systems used by sales, underwriting, onboarding, client service, and risk management onto ClientSpacePEO.


“ClientSpacePEO has a rich feature set for our industry and the NetWise team has deep experience in this market so we expect outstanding results from this decision. Because of the industry focus, ClientSpacePEO is able to consolidate multiple systems and manual processes into one easy to use application,” says Wade Latham, Senior Vice President of Risk Management for CoAdvantage. “ClientSpacePEO is a proven solution both within our organization and throughout the industry. The flexibility of architecture enables us to adapt the system to our specific needs while leveraging the strong industry best practices that are already built into the system. We hope to have ClientSpace rolled out organization wide in early 2013.”


“It is exciting to be working with such a fast growing and forward thinking PEO like CoAdvantage,” says Randy Wadle, CEO of NetWise Technology. “We have enjoyed serving the Orlando group for several years. After the mergers with Global and Odyssey, this company is moving fast and is led by a talented and experienced management team. Having ClientSpace as a key piece of their systems strategy is an honor that we don’t take lightly. We have worked hard, and will continue run as fast as we can to ensure CoAdvantage gets the value they expect out of ClientSpace.”


NetWise is the inventor of ClientSpace and has a proven track record of custom fit enterprise workflow solutions suitable for industry powerhouses as well as niche market professional service firms.



NetWise Technology, Inc. is a premier provider of Enterprise Workflow systems located in Bradenton, Florida. ClientSpace is a proprietary Enterprise Workflow Automation architecture used by clients in a variety of industries as the kernel of their enterprise workflow solution. NetWise primarily services clients in the employee leasing/PEO, banking, real estate, and professional services markets. For more information, please contact us at (866) 474-0922

About CoAdvantage

CoAdvantage simplifies the complex world of employment by providing integrated solutions so business owners and their employees succeed.

CoAdvantage is well into its second decade of service with a growth strategy unlike any other in the industry, an expanded geographic scope, and a continued commitment to our clients, partners, and associates.


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