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It’s been an exciting year so far for NetWise. We have signed contracts with four new clients already this year and prospects look strong for the remainder of the year. With the help of our awesome clients, we have already taken big strides with respect to product improvements (see below) in the first four months. Our big initiative for the year, ClientSpace 2012, is still in the design phase but we are still committed to a cross browser/platform version of ClientSpace in the coming year.

Key Core Product Enhancements:

Custom Query to drive headers and field display – data forms can now be configured to use data supplied by a custom query to drive the configurable headers and configurable field display functionality.

Configurable Template Tasks – this functionality continues to get more flexible by enabling the offset of start and due dates on tasks to be relative to another date field on the form instead of being limited to offset from the create date.

A configurable workflow task may also be setup as a manual template task to be created manually by users instead of triggered by a system event. This enables tasks to be configured with standard text and categories and also use data replace fields that can be manually created by users on an as needed basis.

Time tracking – tracking time against cases has been available in ClientSpace for a while. We have enhanced the functionality to include the ability to track time spent on any data form and also on the tasks. Each of these forms can have time categorized based on the type of service being performed. A dashboard allows users to manually add or manipulate their time records as needed. A timer function, configurable by installation, will remind users to open a new time record or update an already open time record.

Task next/previous buttons – on all the task list dashboards (task search, homepage, workspace task lists, and the task icon on data forms) a user can navigate to the next or previous task without closing the record.

Key ClientSpacePEO Product Enhancements:

  1. FUTA Credit Reduction – each state record can be configured to include a FUTA Credit Reduction which will increase the effective FUTA Rate and consequently the total bill rate. The configured FUTA Credit Reduction is copied to the Pricing State on the Pricing Console for each client where it can be overridden if needed and is included in the Total Bill Rate stored on the Pricing Code.
  2. Contract Type – using the Contract Type metadata, each value in the contract type drop down can be configured to set the workers’ comp model, legal entity selection, and to use the client SUTA instead of the SUTA Bill Rate set on the State Legal Entity. This functionality puts a great degree of pricing configurability into the selection of the contract type.
  3. Pricing Discount Thresholds – sales users can now be set with discrete thresholds for discounting workers compensation rates, SUTA rates, and administrative fees. All thresholds are based on percentage discounts off the configured defaults.
  4. Leave of Absence Form – the FMLA data form has been enhanced to allow for the tracking of any type of employee leave of absence. Using the configurable field display functionality, FMLA leave records will include additional fields to be captured while other types of leave may not have as comprehensive data capture requirements.
  5. SUTA Cutoff Overrides – for PEOs that honor SUTA cutoffs but sometimes alter the state SUTA limit for a client, the SUTA Cutoff Override field has been added to the Pricing State form and the profitability calculations modified to account for this new cutoff.
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